“I got $20,000 for donating my kidney to a stranger and I’m proud of it!
I saved someone’s life and I got extra cash in my pocket to boot!
I was made aware of the medical risk and I was not exploited.
I have a job and I am not poor. If it was legal, plenty of other people would do the same thing.” Nick Rosen

[The Alliance does not advocate breaking the law.] Nick’s quote illustrates that not every paid donor is poor, exploited, and uninformed. Nick’s story can be found on CNN. If you object to payment for organs, please click on our Facebook Icon on the bottom of this page and please share with us your comments.]


The mission of the The Alliance™ for Organ Donor Incentives (a 501c4) is to encourage the public to lobby their government to revise the law allowing the government (not private individuals) to offer indirect financial incentives and benefits to healthy people who decide to become living kidney donors or to the estates of those who agree to bequeath their organs after death. The organs recovered will be distributed by the government, as they are today, to the poor and rich alike.

The Alliance represents patients with end stage renal disease, transplant recipients, and their loved ones. It welcomes strong support from physicians, transplant professionals, legal scholars, economists, and anyone who is concerned about increasing the organ supply to help sick patients and to undermine illegal trafficking in organs around the globe.


1. Promote Congressional efforts to revise the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 so that a donor can be legally rewarded for giving an organ to save the life of another.

2. Educate the Public About the Need and Ethical Issues Involved in Giving Incentives

3. Create a Petition Signed by People Who Support the Cause

We are  NOT proposing that private wealthy people should be allowed to buy organs or that money be waved in front of people who are desperate for money. For anyone who needs cash in a hurry, donating an organ under this proposal will not satisfy their need.


We  ARE proposing a regulated model under strict ethical standards in which the government makes an indirect financial reward available to donors. Living kidney donors might receive, for example, a tax credit, pension contributions, life-time health insurance, and life insurance. Families of deceased donors might receive a burial benefit. These are just some of creative possibilities for encouraging more people to consider organ donation.

Full disclosure of medical risks would be shared with the donor, as they are in current practice, and a waiting period of several months might be required before donation where the potential donor can reflect upon his or her decision and discuss it with his or her family and friends. A generous period of medical follow-up should be offered to donors as well.

Please become an informed advocate!